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Hugo Crosthwaite Awarded Grand Prize at 11th FEMSA Monterrey Biennial
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Hugo Crosthwaite has been selected to participate in the California-Pacific Triennial.
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Hugo Crosthwaite: “Tijuanerias’ at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.
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Naked: The Nude in America
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Brutal Beauty @ San Diego Museum of Art
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Hugo Crosthwaite
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Caras Nuevas Entre Los Invitados
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Hugo Crosthwaite - A New Post-Modernist
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ArtBeat: "In A Dark Manner: 1998-2005"
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Hugo Crosthwaite de Gran Fuerza Dramatica
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Datebook: Dirigibles, comic book noir and photos of the American West
Carolina A. Miranda, Los Angeles Times, May 2005

In a Dark Manner: 1998-2005
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Pencil Him In—Life Caught in the Crosthwaite
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Hugo Crosthwaite exhibe su dibujo figurative.
El Hispano, EFE, Online Edition Vol. XXVIII, No. 12, 3-24-2005

Hugo Crosthwaite en ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries en Estados Unidos
Arteamerica, Havana, Cuba, March 2005

Hugo Crosthwaite: A New Post Modernist
Edward Lucie-Smith, Arte al Día International, 2005

Hugo Crosthwaite presenta Maniera Obscura/In a Dark Manner: 1998-2005 en ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries
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XII Bienal Rufino Tamayo
Blanca Gonzélez Rosas, Proceso, No. 1453, September 2004

Exhibit Shines Light on Unsolved Mexican Murders.
Chuck Twardy, Las Vegas Weekly, 8-26-2004

Art Exhibit Puts Focus on Crimes Against Women
Juliet V. Casey, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8-14-2004

Art Gallery is 'Hidden Treasure' of South County
Newly Remodeled Gallery Begins New Era with 'The Human Figure'
La Prensa - San Diego, 3-12-2004

Galería de Arte es un 'Tesoro Escondido' en el Sur del Condado
Recien Remodelada Galería Comieza Nueva Era con 'La figura humana'

La Prensa - San Diego, 3-12-2004

The New Border Aesthetic
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Super, Natural
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