Tijuana Makes Me Happy
Multidisciplinarity in the Border
Curated by Illya Haro
21 November 2013 - 15 January 2014
Consulate General of Mexico
2401 W. 6th Street, Los Angles

Hugo Crosthwaite, Tijuana Makes Me Happy
The Consulate General of México in Los Angeles is pleased to announce the exhibition, Tijuana Makes Me Happy: Multidisciplinariedad en la Frontera presenting a selection of the best audio visual proposals emerging in the northern border of México.
Participating Artists: Acamonchi, Charles Glaubitz, Cristian Vargas, Ejival, Fritz Torres Carrillo, Giancarlo Ruiz, Hugo Crosthwaite, Jorge Gracia, Juan Carlos Reyna, Julio Orozco, Pablo Llana, Paulina Casmur, Pepe Mogt, Rafa Saavedra, Verónica Glezqui

Framed: Tijuana Painter Hugo Crosthwaite Imagines a Sci-fi Future for Mexican Youth
Drew Tewksbury, www.lamag.com

Tijuana Art Comes to Los Angeles
Carolina A. Miranda, www.kcet.com

Hugo Crosthwaite, Tijuana Makes Me Happy
Robotlicue (2013)
Hugo Crosthwaite

Robotlicue depicts a mashup of Robby the Robot from the cult sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet and Coatlicue, the Aztec mother of gods who birthed the sun, the moon, the stars, and war god Huitzilopochtli. Around the black-and-white graphite and painted portrait--a style that looks part Xerox-punk flyer and part El Greco--children climb on the robot, wearing jet packs and Jetsons-style astronaut helmets.
-- Drew Tewksbury, www.lamag.com