The Nature of Drawing
23 January - 18 March, 2011
Anthony Giordano Gallery, Dowling College, Oakdale, New York, USA

PRESS RELEASE: Oakdale, NY. The Anthony Giordano Gallery at Dowling College presents The Nature of Drawing, featuring artwork by Eric Beltz, Hugo Crosthwaite, Matthew Fisher, Lisa Iglesias, Philip Knoll, Suzanne Sattler, and Joseph Smolinski. This exhibition highlights contemporary artists who use graphite as their primary medium. The work is narrative and ranges from historical war heroes to animals both present and extinct and from persons engaged in fantastic or allegorical actions to depictions of the gritty realities of life. The backdrop and thread that connects this work is the distinct nature of mark-making. Each of these artists uses drawing to recapture stories or to tell tales, disparate though they may be.

The Anthony Giordano Gallery at Dowling College is dedicated to promoting contemporary, innovative, and experimental work by established artists, unaffiliated artists, emerging artists, and artists primarily from the New York metropolitan area. The shows range from thematic group exhibitions to one-person installation projects. Gallery exhibitions also emphasize current cultural and historic ideas and concerns as they impact the art world. Through its exhibitions and educational programs the Gallery reflects, reinforces and complements the curricular dimensions of the Visual Arts Department and addresses the cultural life and enrichment of the Dowling College community, the general public, and the Oakdale community at large.
The Nature of Drawing
Exhibition Postcard, The Nature of Drawing
January 2011
Anthony Giordano Gallery, Dowling College